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1. EmergencyIn the event of a medical emergency please call emergency services. If you are having suicidal thoughts or planning to act on suicidal thoughts, or if you feel that you may be a danger to yourself or to others, or if you otherwise have any medical or mental health emergency or severe mental health condition, or if you are in a crisis or trauma or abuse, please call the SOS hotline at 1800 221 4444.

2. We do not provide medical advice​While the Services, Share Your Stories, and/or Stubby may provide access to certain general medical information, these Services cannot and are not designed or intended to provide any medical or professional health care advice. They are not intended to be used for any diagnosis or treatment of disease or other conditions. Please consult and see the advice of your qualified healthcare provider prior to making any decisions related to your health. You will be solely at your own risk for all decisions and actions taken or not taken involving medical diagnosis, treatment, and care resulting from or in any way related to the use of these Services.

3. The Use of Share Your StoriesShare Your Stories allows you to pen your thoughts and stories in an anonymized manner. While you are able to view the anonymized stories of others, Share Your Stories is not intended for providing diagnosis, treatment or cure of a condition or disease.

4. Interaction with StubbyYour interaction with Stubby is with an AI chatbot and not a human. Stubby is restricted in the means of response. It is not intended for providing diagnosis, treatment or cure of a condition or disease. Stubby cannot and will not offer advice on issues it does not recognize.

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7. Privacy Statement
We do not require any personal identifiers or sensitive data hence we do not ask for it. You have the option to limit sharing of your personal data when you use the Services, Share Your Stories and/or Stubby. You can also keep your conversations private and device secure by following the best practices outlined here: do not provide any indication of personal or organizational names which can identify any individual or organization of the Privacy Statement; and safeguard your personal data and devices with appropriate security technologies. Please note that you may also subject to BotDistrikt’s (Stubby’s chatbot platform) T&Cs and privacy policy.

Please contact projectcloud9sg@gmail.com for any clarifications.
We are Cloud 9, a mental health group led by youths, for youths. Our primary goal is to improve help-seeking for youths and better the mental health landscape in Singapore! We are supported by the National Youth Council’s Youth Action Challenge and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.
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